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Why You Might Be Failing Most Diets. Lessons From a Compulsive Binge Eater Who Achieved Her Dream Body

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2021 Dec 21

“What could you be doing instead of constantly dieting and thinking about food?”

My friend’s question stumped me.

I didn’t spend that much time in pursuit of a perfect body, did I?

Dieting all the time, I thought, was normal.

Back then, my friends probably would have said that dieting was one of my hobbies…

But deep down, I hated everything about my lifestyle and body.

So, how did I go from hiding my body from the world in my baggy XL hoodies to proudly fitting in my old yoga pants again ?

Well, as I’m about to share below, I was approaching weight loss completely the wrong way…

When I figured it out, it was like a lightbulb had gone off in my head.

I managed to get off the diet roller coaster and lived to tell the story.

While I was sad, thinking I had wasted so much time…

I was also glad, knowing I could help other people going through what I went through.

So, here’s my story…

I ditched strict, restrictive diets and learned a lot about myself

I was an extremely picky eater in my “old” life. So, actually following, let alone sticking to any diet plans was hell.

Binge eating was my weakness. I couldn’t help it.

It was like a mental block.

If I’m not eating my “safe” foods, I’m stressed out and unable to focus.

So, whenever I would try a new diet, I’d force myself to stick to it for as long as I could. 

During that time, my work and productivity levels were at an all-time low, looking back. 

But hey, I thought this was a normal price to pay for dieting and taking steps toward achieving my dream body.

I had tried just about every gimmicky diet under the sun. I’ve bought into programs that seemed science-based before but would just sap money from me and leave me with jiggly thighs.

I remember my all-time low…

I had lost around 15 lbs with keto, and I thought this was it.

I had struck gold, and I was going to ride this wave out and achieve my dream summer body.

But, well, one reward here, one craving there, and I was back to square one…

Overweight, glaring at my naked body in the mirror and pinching at my belly fat.

Dieting is like playing Jenga for me.

One thing gets out of place, and then everything gets shaky and tumbles down.

My self-esteem had taken a major hit.

I thought I was sabotaging myself at every step and would never lose weight. 

If I could go back in time – I’d give myself a hug.

But helping other people regain control over their bodies might be the next best thing.

So, I hope you learn from my mistakes.

Why I kept failing most diets

I remember one time, after ditching an obsessive diet, I was kind of in the “transition period.”

I felt lost, and I didn’t know what to do or where to go.

I just wanted a healthier me – is that too much to ask?

At that point, I was just stuck in a loop of reading about mindfulness online and fantasizing about having a slim, sexy body.

That’s when I realized something important about myself:

Weight loss is a product of sustainability.

It takes time to develop meaningful changes, and weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

From there, I shifted my focus.

Keeping the weight off  that was my problem!

So, while I was still overweight, I was at least armed with this piece of knowledge that felt like the golden ticket to me.

I just had to find a sustainable diet that didn’t make me feel like I was just starving or torturing myself.

So, here’s what I did to break the cycle:

I took a sheet of paper, wrote down all the diets I had been on (keto, weight watchers, fasting, and so much more), and crossed them out with a red marker.

I knew what meals I liked and the kind of lifestyle I wanted.

I just felt like I needed to plug them into some kind of a formula to get the right answer, like some complicated math homework.

How I overcame my mental block for binge eating and got the summery body I always wanted – without making drastic lifestyle changes

Just when I was on the verge of giving up, I saw an article on Facebook about a girl who lost weight due to a new, personalized wellness book.

Going through the girl’s before-and-afters, I thought she was going to teach me the secret to thinness.

But instead, I learned the secret name for the missing puzzle piece in my life:

Personalized diets.

Reading through her story, I realized how similar it was to mine.

It was checking all of my boxes, and then it clicked…

I couldn’t maintain diets in my “old” life because they weren’t sustainable.

I would lose some weight, end up snacking, and everything would fall apart because I couldn’t maintain that kind of lifestyle.

It felt like a cycle I couldn’t break.

Then, along came this diet that was promising me no real meal restrictions and not starving myself.

In fact, I didn’t even have to change my lifestyle at all!

Unlike all the other diets I crossed out, this felt different to me.

So, I took a leap of faith and signed up for Beyond Body.

What’s Beyond Body?

The personalized wellness book that changed my life – for me, about me

I had convinced myself dieting meant being stressed, undereating, and being overly anxious.

But I’m very glad to say I didn’t experience a single binge craving during my entire journey with Beyond Body.

Portions were more generous than I expected, and I had healthy snack options in between meals that kept me full.

Before, I thought this was impossible.

But Beyond Body’s personalized approach to diets is different.

You see, what worked for me might not work for you.

And Beyond Body acknowledges this when helping you lose weight!

So, it’s not even a “diet,” really.

It’s more of a step-by-step strategy, developed specifically for YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

Here’s how it works.

My journey began with a free quiz

My journey with Beyond Body began with a free quiz on their site.

Throughout the quiz, I was smiling ear to ear when I read questions like “How often do you feel stressed out?” or “How much time do you typically have for meal preparation per day?”

I remember thinking — this is it! Finally, a diet that cares about me!

All the other diets I’ve been on don’t even care about this.

Once I completed the quiz, I was told there were 500+ unique food combinations, how much weight I would lose and in how long, and other information.

All this would be compiled specifically for me.

Imagine no longer being ashamed of your body.

Imagine fitting in your old yoga pants again and checking yourself out in front of the mirror before classes.

Imagine finally being able to finally stop binging on food throughout the day, having a ton of focus, and NOT hating the food you eat!

All these thoughts were running wild in my head when I was filling in the free quiz.

That’s where my success story started and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

After the quiz, there was the option to get an e-book. But I opted for the physical copy as looking at the book with my own name on it gives me the extra motivation to follow through with my plans.

Just looking at the book with Alicia written on it in big, bold letters fills me with joy and inspiration. 

It brings me back to what my life was like before all this. And how this almost magical journey began with a free quiz.

SO, my name is Alicia, and this was my story.

I’ve lost over 21 pounds and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

All this was possible thanks to Beyond Body.

I couldn’t feel prouder of myself.

Now, I want you to experience that for yourself too.

What if your dream body was just one quiz away?

I just know that if not for Beyond Body, I would have continued on my path of gaining weight and continuously binging on food every day.

Like me, if you decide to take a different path — you will witness a whole new story, and a whole new body.

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4 Things To Remember If You Want To Set Yourself For A Successful Health Journey

4 mins read

2021 Apr 13

Living a healthy lifestyle is something that all of us aspire to do. But few of us may take the first step to change our unhealthy habits. 

And from those of us who made an effort, only a handful would be able to sustain it in the long run.

So, how do you make sure that you don't fall off the wagon in your journey into living a healthier life? 

Well, the key to maintaining your healthy lifestyle may actually be at the start of your journey.

First, you can check on your BMI (Body Mass Index) value to find out if you fall within the healthy weight range, which can be an indicator of body fat and give you more perspective on potential risks if disregarded. What’s important to note is that you should not be aiming for the lowest possible BMI results.

Besides that, whether this is your first foray into starting a healthy lifestyle or your sixth attempt, here are some things to keep in mind when beginning:

#1. Set Attainable Goals

When starting any kind of habit, we tend to think that we’re going to achieve it by sprinting. In your journey to living a healthier lifestyle, this may mean that you either:

  • Immediately sign up for a gym membership
  • Decrease your calorie intake drastically
  • Swear off the sugar, salt, and any kind of condiment

The thing is, your healthy lifestyle journey is a marathon. And like any new marathon participant, you need to build your endurance by starting with setting small attainable goals.

In fact, there’s research to back it up as well. A 2019 review study found that people who set healthy eating goals are 59% more likely to stick with them.

And yes, even small steps matter. The same study found that even setting a goal of eating two pieces of fruit a day provides a significant impact on your overall health.

If you want to get some ideas on what healthy lifestyle goals you should pursue according to your way of living, you should check out our Beyond Body book. 

#2. Change Your Behaviors

If you truly want to succeed in your attempt to live a healthier life, you need to start focusing on changing your behaviors.

When you target your daily behaviors, you are building a habit that would keep you on track of reaching your healthy lifestyle goal. There are tons of little things that you can change: from decreasing your snacking frequency to choosing to take the stairs rather than the elevator.

But how do you make sure that your changed behaviors become habits?

Well, a 2011 review study of dietary behavior and exercise routine change found that when people start a program that lasts for more than 6 months, they are more likely to stick with them in the long run. 

Pay attention to your routine; it is easier to add new or change existing behaviors when it doesn’t deviate much from what you do on a daily basis.

#3. Set Cheat Days

Let’s be honest – sometimes, we just want to plop down on a couch and order some pizza for delivery. And hey, that’s okay. Of course, if you overdo them, you may fall back into some behavior patterns that you are trying to change in the first place, so self-control is absolutely crucial.

The key here is that your cheat days are scheduled. You’re not just binging the food that you restrict yourself from eating. 

When you blame your binging on your self-control, you tend to feel guilty, and based on one study in 2014, this is likely to lead you to fail in your healthy eating program. Interestingly, the same study also found that when you frame the deviation from your diet as a celebration, you will actually end up keeping the habit of eating more healthily. 

One way to plan your cheat days would be by getting recommendations from experts on when it is best to do so. The personalized book Beyond Body can help you better optimize your cheat days. 

#4. Plan Your Meals

A lot of our usual habits are made automatically. From brushing our teeth to tying our shoes, and increasingly, to the things we choose to put in our mouth. Especially since we tend to eat while concurrently doing other activities, like scrolling our phones or watching movies.

One solution that has been touted to deal with this issue is mindful eating.

But a better alternative may simply be to plan your meals.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of a well-tailored meal plan. After all, there are many considerations that you need to think of, such as your budget, your schedule, and your lifestyle.

Does this mean this step is impossible for you to take? Not exactly.

Getting a personalized health and wellness book may be the right approach for you instead. Beyond Body provides exactly what you need: a meal plan specially prepared for you.

Beyond Body is created by nutritionists and professional trainers who consider your eating preference and daily activities to prepare a healthier routine for you. Get your book here.

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Women Who Eat These 5 Foods Enjoy More Effective Weight Loss

4 mins read

2021 Aug 05

Are you tired of trying diets promising quick and effortless weight loss results? Diets that show other people success stories but don’t fit you?

This may often happen because not every diet works equally for everyone...

The golden rule to sustainable weight loss and long-term results is focusing on a healthier version of the foods you love and what makes you feel good in your own body. 

To make the journey to your goals easier, let’s take a look at the 5 food categories that accelerate weight loss and how to apply them in your daily life.

Let's dive in!

Fiber-Rich Foods

One of the things that make you lose weight successfully is eating fewer calories than you burn per day.

What this means is that you need food that stays longer in your body and hence keeps you full for longer.

That’s where fiber-rich foods come into play as they keep you satiated for longer, help regulate blood sugar levels, maintain bowel health, and improve the digestive system, which leads to better food processing and nutrient absorption. 

Some of the best fiber-rich foods to include in your diet are: 

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Legumes and beans
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains, such as buckwheat, whole grain pasta, or brown rice

So including this category of healthy foods to lose weight sustainably will have a positive effect on your body.

High-Quality Protein 

It’s a fact: the key to sustainable weight loss is to avoid overeating and focus on eating foods that will keep you full for a long time.

The next category we will look at is high-quality proteins. Simply put, protein-rich foods can keep you full for longer, so you won’t wake up in the middle of the night craving sweets!

Besides, if you are looking for diversity and want to switch the regular meat proteins – you can easily move to plant-based protein foods such as tofu, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, etc. Tastes good and is definitely better for your body and the environment!

Some of the best high-quality foods include:

  • Organically grown meats, especially lean chicken or turkey
  • Seafood and fish
  • Free-range eggs 
  • Plant-based protein

Тhat way you can enjoy a varied and balanced diet, which is the goal, right?

Leafy Greens 

When thinking about diet, usually the first thing that comes to mind is a salad.

This is not accidental because leafy greens are a rich resource of micronutrients with so many nutritional benefits. What’s more, most of them include essential fiber, nutrients, and vitamins, like vitamin K, which protects your bones, heart health, and even prolongs your life!

A few of the best health-boosters include:

  • Arugula
  • Kale 
  • Spinach 
  • Microgreens

Still, you don't have to make radical sacrifices, stay hungry, or eat only salads to lose weight. It’s all about the balance of protein, vegetables, and wholesome whole grains on your plate. Leafy greens should be a pleasant addition to your meals.

Ridiculously Delicious Healthy Snacks

What about snacks? Should you completely cut them out from your menu?

Well, to be honest – those that are full of sugar, yes! But the ones you make at home, with healthy, naturally sweet products – why not?

The easy solution is deliciously prepared healthy snacks.

Whether it will be nuts or homemade sweet potato chips, you can easily prepare low-carb and high-protein snacks to avoid feeling hungry during the day.

For more recipes, tips, and inspiration for making tons of healthy snacks – check out what our experts have to say. They will give you personalized guidance according to your preference so you can tame your sweet tooth in no time!


Speaking of snacks, do you enjoy eating yogurt with homemade granola?

Yummy… a delicious healthy snack with beneficial probiotics that improve your gut health.

A healthy gut means better results as well as better absorption of food, which may affect your weight loss.

And foods rich in probiotics, such as fermented foods like sauerkraut or dishes like miso soup, are the perfect solution for your gut and weight loss journey!

Remember, “Healthy gut, healthy you!”

Now You Have Them All! 

5 food categories that you can enjoy and sustainably lose weight.

It’s important to listen to your body and focus on what makes you feel good than following trendy diets that are meant for the masses.

To find more similar tips and get a personalized meal plan from Beyond Body, complete the 3-minute free quiz that will design advice and tips based on your answers which 100% match your lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

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Is It Possible For The DASH Diet To Change Your Lifestyle?

5 mins read

2021 May 03

If you still want to build sustainable habits that may lead to better sleep, less stress, and overall good health, you might need to try the DASH diet. It gives you freedom but at the same time helps you meet your health goals and targets. It’s well-balanced and allows you to eat what you love while maintaining good levels of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary for your health.

Let’s see how you can make the most of it.

What Does the DASH Diet Mean?

According to the U.S. News and World Report, the DASH diet is the best diet in the United States. 

Its name stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, recommended to help prevent or treat hypertension (high blood pressure).

However, its features may contribute successfully to your overall health simply because it offers balanced and healthy meals!

By now, you'll be wondering: “Okay, is it difficult to follow the DASH diet?"

The answer is no. The diet doesn’t stick to a specific type of nutrients or dishes. It recommends daily doses of different kinds of food depending on your needs. But more about that later.

The point here is that the DASH diet relies on each meal’s portion size and offers various foods from which you can choose your favorites ones. That way, you can keep a well-balanced diet full of essential nutrients while enjoying your fav meals.  

Let’s take a look at the recommended foods you can include in DASH’s diet meal recipes.

What Do You Eat on the DASH Diet? 

“Fill your plate with the colors of the rainbow. What pleases the eye, pleases the body.” – Deepak Chopra.

A well-known fact is that you eat with your eyes first. So to saturate your senses, fill your plate with colors that make you feel happy.

A lot of fruit and all vegetables are allowed in the DASH diet. They can be found in almost any color, so make the healthy eating fantastic experience not only for your stomach but also for your eyes.

Following the recommendations for quantity and a certain food cover, you can easily make various DASH diet snacks and meals instead of focusing only on a specific dish.

Here are some of the recommendations

  • Fruits and vegetables: 4–5 servings a day 

Whether they are frozen, canned, or fresh, you can find the serving size on almost all packages.

You can use the fruits as a morning or afternoon DASH diet snack as they are high in fiber and low in fat.

However, if you buy canned fruits or veggies, please make sure there is no added sugar or salt.

  • Grains: 6–8 servings a day 

This includes brown rice, pasta, oats, cereal, tortillas, bread, and many more. The recommendation is to choose whole grains which contain more fiber and nutrients. 

I know pasta might be one of your fav meals, and you can still enjoy it. However, try to avoid butter, cream, and cheese sauces since they are high in fat.

  • Dairy: 2–3 servings a day

Oatmeal with yogurt? Yep, that’s allowed! 

All you need to do is make sure the milk, yogurt, or dairy product you buy are low-fat or ideally fat-free.

  • Nuts and seeds: 4–5 servings a week

Be careful here! Although they are a good source of healthy fats, they are also high in calories. Enjoy them as a DASH diet snack or fancy addition to your salad dressing. It’s all up to your choice.

P.S. Check packages for guidance about the serving size.

  •  Protein: 6 one-ounce servings or fewer a day

Poultry, beef, fish, and some plant-based products are rich in protein that delivers you the strength you need to build your muscles and repair your body.

It’s important to include protein in your meal plan, so if you are a vegetarian, simply substitute the meat with chickpeas, lentils, or tofu. There are many variations, and it’s up to you what you should eat.

As you can see, the DASH diet does not focus on certain dishes but rather categories from which you can choose your fav ones. 

The main thing you have to keep in mind that the DASH diet limits the amount of salt you eat during the day to only 6 grams. Think about it while ordering food or buying pre-made meals, and always read the labels.

However, for a well-balanced diet, you should keep in mind the portion size of each food.

The healthy plate technique is an easy hack to maintain the balance in your plate and never run out of DASH diet recipes.

Choose your a plate and fill it according to the following guidance

  • ½ of a plate full of veggies.
  • ¼ of protein such as meat, fish, tofu, or other vegetarian options.
  • ¼ of whole grains such as brown rice, buckwheat, or whole-grain bread. 

If you are wondering what the foods that are not recommended to consume are, these are all snacks and sweets high in sugar, fats, and salt:

  • Candy, cookies, chips
  • Sodas, sugary beverages
  • Processed foods
  • Foods that are high in salt 

But don’t worry! The DASH diet recipes have a great healthier alternative to your well-known fast food, takeaways, and sweet cravings. You can find tons of other healthy meal ideas in the Beyond Body book.

What Are the Benefits You Get?

One of the main benefits of the DASH diet is lowering your blood pressure, resulting in reducing and minimizing salt consumption.

It also promotes a well-balanced diet and controlling your daily calories, which may lead to weight loss.

The food you eat holds the key to your wealth. Switching to a DASH diet may bring you many positive benefits and changes in your body.

Get your personalized meal plan today

Creating healthy lifestyle habits should not be something that depresses and demotivates you.

It should awaken your desire to feel better in your own skin every day. You may quickly achieve this goal if you enjoy the things you love, like your favorite meals.

So if you want to start eating healthier and never run out of ideas for cheap and delicious meals, get your personalized meal plan in only 3 minutes. Click here.

All you need to do is fill the short quiz and order a fully personalized wellness book that 100% matches your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. 

Remember: you don’t have to follow the crowd to reach your lifestyle goals! Create your path in tone with your desires and wishes.

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Personalized Wellness Book that Knows More about your Health than Google

2 mins read

2021 May 28

Madeline Wilson is reading her new favorite health book.

It’s not another mainstream diet book you can get on Amazon, but an affordable personalized wellness book that gives you a customized roadmap to better health only an expensive personal trainer and nutritionist could.


Answer a few simple questions about the food you like, your health condition, your lifestyle, and smart algorithms will do the rest. In minutes.

“The book really spoke to me when I picked it up and started reading it,” Madeline said. “It knew some of my biggest insecurities and created a nutrition and health plan to help me improve those areas of the body.”

Madeline, who wanted to tone her arms and stomach area, says she also felt like she retained the information in the book better than any mobile health app on her phone.

“There’s something about reading a physical book that helps me retain the information better,” said Wilson. “I can easily turn to different chapters on nutrition or when I want to work out, and I see a program that is created for me. I’ve also learned more about my body type and what types of food and exercise I need to achieve my health goals.”

Madeline says she also follows the exercise programs, which have simple illustrations, showing her how to target and tone her body. 

Click here if you’d like to see what the personal health assessment reveals for your body and health goals.

The Wellness Book Publishers Didn’t Want to Publish

Nutritionist Cristina Zalnieraite, who wrote several chapters for Beyond Body: The Personalized Wellness Book, says many publishers said integrating health analytics would never work for a hardcover book.

But Zalnieraite proved them wrong. More than 200,000 people bought her first book, which was primarily focused on weight loss. You can read Beyond Body review, which expands the content into mental and overall wellness.

“One size does not fit all with nutrition and body shapes. Each person really needs a customized plan based on their body type and goals - something our book achieves,” said Zalnieraite. “The analytics differentiate our book from all other fitness or wellness books. This is like having a personal trainer and nutrition next to you at all times.”

How the Health Analytics Work

Readers answer 28 personalized questions online to begin their health assessment. A team of nutritionists and personal trainers created the questions to help them better assess the nutrition, physical, and mental health situation for each reader.

The analysis includes in-depth questions on the reader’s sleep habits, health conditions, diseases, allergies, stress levels, alcohol consumption, and diet. It also asks personal questions on the areas of the body each reader wants to improve.

Analytics from the book shows more than 1.2 million women said they didn’t like the size of their legs, while 1.8 million women wanted to get rid of belly fat.

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Failing at Weight Loss? Here Are 7 Strong Reasons Why People Need a Personalized Diet

4 mins read

2021 Aug 19

If you are reading this article, there’s a fat chance that you’ve tried and failed at numerous diets in the past. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. We can assure you that the main reason why you failed is not the lack of willpower.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll introduce you to variables that determine the effectiveness of a diet, a meal plan, and even your workout routine.

Think about them the next time you’re planning on paying good money for a product or service – hopefully, it will be the last money you’ve spent, and the last weight loss solution you’ll ever need.

Let’s start with the main aspects and continue on with a list that can be used as a cheat sheet of variables you need to consider before making that purchase.

#1 Reason: Your Unique Body Needs

Your nutritional needs are just as unique as you are. No one is metabolically identical or even similar to anyone else.

"In order to maintain good health and avoid diet deficiency diseases, you need a diet that includes many different nutrients and vitamins.
For safe, sustainable weight loss your nutritional requirements can be counted according to your anthropometric characteristics. Luckily, we’ve already noticed an increasing tendency of weight loss solutions that do offer some sort of personalization." – Beyond Body nutritionist, Christine Ellis

When you think about it, it’s only natural that a meal plan that takes into account your dietary preferences, allergies, health issues, food intolerances, and even the flavors you like would be ten times easier to follow.

So, whenever possible, try to seek the highest level of personalization a product can offer. It might not be easy to find, but it will be definitely worth both your money and time.

#2 Reason: Your Personal Lifestyle

Most wellness books talk about a “balanced lifestyle” as if it’s something incredibly easy to achieve. According to them, you should eat at certain times, train five times a week, cook meals with ingredients you can barely spell, join a community, and feel motivated no matter what.

For most of us, that’s incredibly far from reality.

What if you have a hectic work schedule, hate cooking, have three kids, tend to overeat, or can barely find a spare minute to grab a bite? Does that make you a lost cause?


A sustainable weight loss solution should allow you to adjust your lifestyle, not turn it upside down. You need to be realistic here – how long can you stick to a weight loss plan that makes you feel miserable? A week? A month?

TIP: Try to consider all of these variables before choosing the perfect method for you – whether that would be nutrition consultations, personal training, or a tailor-made weight loss plan.

#3 Reason: Your Unique Body Type

Your problem body areas, metabolism, and even certain health issues can highly depend on your body type.

Remember, training an hourglass-shaped body is not the same as training a pear-shaped body!

For that reason, exercise routines you’ve found on the internet might not be the right way to go. Always seek a workout plan that takes your body type into consideration. 

#4 Reason: Foods You Love & Hate to Eat

#5 Reason: Your Personal Weight Loss Goals

Are you trying to gain weight, lose weight, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle?

You wouldn’t choose hardcore fitness training when you’re simply trying to exercise more. The same goes for dieting – maybe you shouldn’t eat less, but eat better?

TIP: Define your goals before paying for a service/product.

#6 Reason: Allergies & Health Conditions

You wouldn’t recommend fasting to someone who struggles with Anorexia Nervosa, right? So, think about any health conditions/diseases you have or ever had – is there anything that would put you at risk?

As of allergies, it goes without saying that those with food allergies/intolerances should always aim to find a tailor-made solution.

Otherwise, they’ll have to read every ingredient list, spend hours looking for substitutions, and once again – risk manipulating their nutritional needs.

#7 Reason: Your Physical Activity Levels

If you’ve never been to the gym, getting a fitness plan might scare you off for good.

Be realistic here! If you’re a beginner, be proud of who you are and take smaller steps – start with low-intensity workouts, go swimming to build your body strength, or aim to jog for at least 10 minutes every day.

Personalized Weight Loss Solutions

Naturally, a personalized weight loss plan could solve all of the issues mentioned above.

So, what would be the best option?

 You could either get a personal trainer and change your diet with the help of a professional nutritionist, or try to follow a personalized meal plan.

One thing’s for sure: you shouldn’t look for a “miraculous diet,” you should look for a diet that suits you.

Just “eating clean” won’t work. In order to achieve long-term results, you need to embrace your uniqueness and admit the fact that your needs play a huge role. 

Beyond Body is the first fully personalized weight loss book in the world. Your answers to the quiz determine the outcome of your unique book copy. That’s including questions about your health, favorite foods, dietary preferences, goals, and more.

As a result, you get a personalized meal and workout plan, loads of motivational and educational content, and a tailor-made healthy lifestyle guide for keeping the weight off for good.

 Who knows, maybe this book will prove you that the key reason why other methods failed was not the lack of your willpower. And we don’t want to jump ahead, but it most likely is…

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5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight

4 mins read

2021 Aug 12

Have you ever been in a situation where you tried all the fad diets, restricted the calories, but none of it helped you lose weight

If that’s the case, there might be some factors you’re completely unaware of that stop you from reaching your dream body goals...

Let’s hope the following 5 reasons potentially hindering your weight loss journey will help you figure out where it might have gone south.

1. Focusing on Staying Motivated Instead of Building Better Habits

Does trying a new diet every day and immediately jumping in that extra workout session sound familiar? How about feeling super motivated for a few days and then suddenly giving up? 

This may happen because you focus on the quick results, not on the long journey ahead to achieve long-term goals.

If you've ever wondered, “Why can’t I lose weight?” – simply try to focus on building healthy habits that will accelerate the desired results instead. By forming good habits, you can observe the whole journey and celebrate every small win that brings you closer to reaching your goals.

If, for example, all the diets you have tried didn’t work, the problem may lie somewhere else. Maybe you're too stressed? Maybe lack of sleep affects your metabolism, weight, or hunger levels?

Although it seems incompatible with the process that you can’t lose weight, all of your lifestyle changes have a huge impact on your overall health. That’s because your body is a whole system and must work in sync to achieve results.

2. The Environment Is Not Streamlined for Success

What else besides habits can influence your weight loss?

It’s your environment.

If your cupboards are full of sweets or carbs, then you may be often tempted, making the process way more difficult than it’s supposed to be.

So how can you fix this?

Simply, build an atmosphere that stimulates you to succeed in a healthy and active lifestyle.

A few quick tips – prepare everything you need in the kitchen the night before and wake up motivated, knowing that everything is ready and will not take more than 5 minutes.

Clean all the cupboards of the foods you avoid and donate them. That way, you will not only help yourself but also those in need.

Get an outfit that you will enjoy working out with and will look forward to wearing. This will motivate you to be more active and easily build a habit of exercising regularly.

So think about the little things you do in your everyday routine, identify what holds you back to lose weight, eliminate them, and see how easier everything will become!

3. Making Exceptions on Weekends

A cheat meal is fine. Cheat day – not so much.

You can’t lose weight if you have several cheat days in a row, right? The truth is that it is normal to have cravings and be tempted

The key is not to deprive yourself because that will affect your mind. If you crave something, then take it and enjoy it. Or even better, switch it to a healthier version; this will bring you much more satisfaction and remove the guilty feeling.

Yes, it may sound difficult – habits are hard to destroy and hard to build, so if you need help with that, you can seek advice from Beyond Body experts to give you the right guidelines.

4. Depriving Yourself and Then Overindulging

Have you ever been in a situation where for days, even weeks, of depriving yourself of something you really crave, you just told yourself, “Why bother? It makes no sense… I don't see results. I can’t lose weight, so I'd better give up”?

No more guilt trips. The diet should not be depressing or depriving.

Diet should be balanced and help you achieve the desired results with the right foods.

Forget about the barriers or restricting yourself. Instead, look for a healthier option or combine them in a way that balances the dish but also satiates your craving.

5. Not Following the Healthy Plate Method

It’s a fact: deprivation leads to exaggeration. 

And if you do not follow the Healthy Plate method, this may happen often and you will soon forget about the motivation and your final goal of losing weight.

So what’s the secret? 

Follow the Healthy Plate method and fill in ½ of your plate with vegetables, ¼ with healthy protein, and ¼ with whole grains.

The method simply teaches you how to divide the plate into 3 sectors by filling each sector with a category of foods that will help you lose weight sustainably.

So it all adds up to this… 

Not always is the food you eat or the diet you follow to blame for not seeing results and not losing weight.

Sometimes it is the small habits that lead you to the end goal and keep you motivated all the time.

And if you are ready to change those reasons but don’t know how to start, you can seek assistance from our wellness experts that will guide you through the journey.

To add all of the pieces to the puzzle in the weight loss process, take this 3-minute free quiz that will provide you with a personalized Beyond Body book and help you learn how to successfully build healthier habits.

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New Health Analytics Reveal What Women Want to Change Most About Their Body

1 min read

2021 Jul 02

Beyond Body, the first fully personalized wellness book, has released new health analytics from over 2 million women, detailing what they want to change most on their body.



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Breakfast Turned Beauty

1 min read

2021 Jul 02

Delicious coffee, avocado toast, and a bowl of oats – sounds like a healthy breakfast? But what if we told you that these go-to breakfast options could make your skin look healthy and delicious, too? Avocados and oats, like any other natural ingredients, are a safe and healthier alternative for your skincare routine because of their nutritional value. For this reason, nutritionists with the new wellness book, Beyond Body, share their favorite all-natural masks you can make with ingredients from your morning table.



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New Global Data Analysis involving 8 Countries Reveals Most Consumers aren’t Aware of their Food Allergies

3 mins read

2021 Jun 23

A new dietary and allergy analysis involving the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Australia and Italy suggests most consumers aren’t aware of their food allergies, and as a result, continue to inflame their immune system by eating these foods.

The data involved close to 2 million people, and included 1.2 million Americans, 287,154 French, 84,414 Britons, 67,819 Australians, 53,287 Germans, 40,865 Spanish, 88,459 Italians and 92,567 Canadians.

The health data was compiled by the new book, Beyond Body, which integrates health analytics into a personalized wellness plan based on the reader’s health and allergies. The analytics are derived from 28 personalized questions readers answer for the book’s research. Beyond Body is the first hardcover book to integrate health analytics into the content.



The data analysis found Italy and Canada had the highest rates of food allergies with 45 and 42 percent respectively, while France and Spain had the lowest rates - 26 and 28 respectively.

Canada, Italy and Australia had the highest rate of lactose intolerance or cow’s milk allergy - double the rate of France, which is known for its love of cheese. 

Britons have nearly twice the rate of nut allergies than Americans, Australians and the French. 25 percent of people in Canada, Italy and Australia said they were allergic to cow’s milk or lactose intolerant, while 24 percent of Americans said this described them.

Lactose intolerance is a condition that prevents people from properly digesting lactose in dairy. It can lead to symptoms that include: Stomach pain, abdominal cramps, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, nausea and vomiting.

Lactose intolerance is frequently confused for dairy or milk cow allergies, but they are different conditions. Cow’s milk allergy is an immune reaction to the protein found in milk, while lactose intolerance is caused by the body’s inability to break down lactose - the sugar in milk.                     


The data analysis also looked at the favorite vegetables across these countries. As expected, tastes varied by region but the potato was the most popular vegetable listed by people in the United Kingdom, USA, France, Spain and Germany, even though the potato doesn’t count as a vegetable towards the 5 A Day. The cucumber was the most popular vegetable for Canadians, while the zucchini was the most popular in Italy. Australia loved carrots the most. 

Alternatively, tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers are the least popular vegetables in the United States. Zucchini, tomatoes, and green beans were the most disliked in the UK and Australia. The French didn’t like broccoli, cucumber, and carrots, according to the data.


Nutritionist and author, Christine Zalnieraite, says the data suggests there is a large number of people across the globe who are not aware of their food allergies, and as a result, might be inflaming their health conditions. 

“This data suggests there are a lot more people suffering from lactose intolerance but they don’t realize it,” said Zalnierate. “The National Institutes of Health says roughly 36 percent of Americans have dairy allergies, so if only 24 percent of Americans say they experience it, this suggests many people suffering from these food allergies aren’t doing anything to treat it.”

Zalnieraite, who helped write Beyond Body, says people can manage their food allergies by following a personalized nutrition and fitness regimen based on their health conditions. 

“There is no one-size-fits-all guidebook to wellness, and each body works differently,” said  Zalnierate. “Our analytics are very detailed, allowing us to create meal plans around allergies, intolerances, and even food preferences, making it easier for people to follow a personalized health regimen.” 

About Beyond Body

Beyond Body takes analytics from a reader's profile and creates a customized wellness plan for their overall health and desired body needs and body goals. It's the first hardcover book to integrate analytics into a customized wellness plan based on the reader's physical and mental health as well as their current conditions and health history. 

Beyond Body creates meal plans and recipes based on the personal analytics that are discovered during each reader’s assessment. For readers who are lactose intolerant or have food allergies, it includes recipes and meal plans designed around their allergies. 

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Top 5 Essentials You Need to Know as You Kickstart Intuitive Eating

4 mins read

2021 May 13

Intuitive eating is a method that gives you a unique pathway to explore your body and its hunger signals. The best part of all is that it’s the opposite of a traditional diet. It has nothing to do with strict rules or outlines in terms of what to avoid and when or what to eat. 

Instead, intuitive eating teaches you to recognize yourself as the best person who can make wise choices regarding your overall well-being. 

So, if you’ve just begun or you’re somewhere in between to start eating intuitively, we will explore the cornerstones of this method to ensure your overall success on this spectacular approach. 

Feeling Fullness

Remember that your body, not your mind, will tell you when it's full. In that sense, you need to learn how to hear your body's signals and act accordingly.

At first, it may be challenging; however, as long as you keep focusing on the peculiar language your body communicates, you will reach an intuitive eating habit. 

So, next time you're having a meal, pause in the middle of eating, observe your senses, feel the texture, smell, flavor of each bite, and try to measure the level of hunger. A good hack is to leave the plate when you’re 80% full and wait for 15–20 minutes to feel completely satiated.

Coping With Your Emotions

Loneliness, boredom, anxiety, or any other negative feeling is a natural part of our lives. Different things can trigger each, but the same applies while looking for remedies to relieve yourself from stress. 

However, when it comes to food eating isn't a way to fix your troubles with specific emotions. Emotional eating might even trigger negative reactions. 

Instead, try to look for food-free coping approaches like reading a book, painting, walking, chatting with a friend, or any other proactive activity because it will bring you a long-lasting way to feel good and at peace.

Respecting Your Body Shape

Don't criticize your body for how it looks, but accept your body as it is. Like every individual, you have a unique genetic blueprint that determines body structure alongside many other things. 

That said, instead of squeezing yourself into a common beauty standard, create a new one for yourself. Respect your body shape as that will help you reach confidence and self-esteem. 

And even if you're looking for a way to change your body lines, try to approach it reasonably through diet and workout plans customized according to your wellness goals and food preferences. Your body deserves respect, so stay persistent, open-minded, and careful if you're looking for means to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Staying Active

Rather than exercising to slim down or burn calories, focus on how it makes you feel. Your focus while staying active is important because that can determine your journey toward a healthy lifestyle. 

For example, if you’re working out to feel energized and good about yourself, physical activity can turn into an essential part of your daily routine. But if exercising is meant for just a short-term goal, there’s a high chance that you will ditch it due to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm.

So, as you start leading an active lifestyle, choose things you enjoy, such as dancing, swimming, running, or even gardening! Doing things you love will help you keep up with healthy eating as well since these two are interconnected when it comes to ensuring that your health is at its finest. 

An intuitive approach toward your food will help acknowledge that every bite you take influences your physical abilities. It will help you learn how to reconsider everything you put into your body.

Next time, try your best to think of reasons why you exercise, how it makes you feel, and what position food takes in your wellness journey.

Appreciating Your Food

Eating food that tastes good and has no adverse side effects on your health is another fundamental aspect you will need to learn while eating intuitively. 

Your body is your temple which deserves all the best this world can offer. That's why as you look for the food to eat, ask yourself if it's what you actually need to thrive and if this product will spark the joy of eating.  

Of course, you may have some days when your cravings don’t fit your healthy eating routine. And that's fine. There's not a single person who hasn’t experienced moments of doubt. 

As you face cravings, try some fruits, vegetables, drink a glass of water, or any kind of hot beverage. Believe us, the urge will disappear, and when it's gone, you will start feeling stronger and more confident about yourself. 

Another point to consider for intuitive eating is the setting. What we mean is that you should enjoy your food without distractions. Try to have a meal in a peaceful and meaningful environment, which will provide you a chance to feel the joy and purpose of eating. Also, it will help you hear your body’s signals better and avoid overeating.


That’s it! Today we’ve covered the top 5 cornerstones of intuitive eating and what you should do to achieve your health goals. 

Believe in yourself as you are much stronger than you think. Intuitive eating will provide you with a broader range of sensitivity about your feelings and the food you eat. Eating healthily is truly an extraordinary exploration during which you will learn more about the inner-self. 

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Beyond Four Weeks Of Healthy Eating: The Amazing Effects On Your Body & Mind

3 mins read

2021 Apr 16

As you probably know, following a healthy, balanced diet doesn't need to be complicated. You just have to choose nutritious foods and take into account what works best for you and what can enhance your well-being. In that sense, healthy eating is something that should be a part of your lifestyle because it can transform your life for good.

But did you know that after four weeks to a year of following a healthy diet plan, you will start feeling incredible and much healthier? Or that by continuing your healthy eating journey, you can achieve amazing wellness results for a longer time?

Let's take a look at what changes will occur after eating healthily for four weeks or longer and why it should be put into your list of considerations.

Healthy Diet Benefits After 4 Weeks

Healthy diet habits are essential at any age. Of course, when it comes to dieting, you need to remember that healthy eating is about the food you eat and staying on the right course.

This mantra might sound familiar to you. However, focusing on your food and everything around it is an excellent way to ensure your success while reaching wellness. So, let's revise 3 healthy eating essentials.

  1. Your diet should consist of nutritious foods that will contribute to your body's well-functioning. Also, track how many calories you consume and what kind of minerals and vitamins your chosen products have.
  2. Try your best to keep up with mindful eating. Eat slowly and don't rush your meals. Focus on how the food makes you feel. Eliminate distractions when it comes to mealtimes and avoid eating out regularly.
  3. Plus, establish and follow a precise eating schedule as it will ensure your metabolism's healthy functioning.

That being said, you can benefit a lot from a thoroughly prepared meal plan. As you do so, four weeks later, your body will experience shedding the excess water retained from highly processed food and high sodium intake. In addition, be ready to experience:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mental focus and quality of sleep
  • Less bloating and acid reflux 
  • Better metabolism
  • Healthy weight

Six Months of Healthy Diet Benefits on Your Body

After following a healthy diet plan for six months, you will notice that you are even more healthy and that consistent changes are happening to your body, such as:

  • Significant decrease in harmful cholesterol levels 
  • Stable blood pressure
  • Improved skin and hair complexion
  • Decreased symptoms of your health conditions (e.g., diabetes, gastritis) 
  • Enhanced physical endurance
  • Reduced blood sugar fluctuation 
  • Lowered risk of diabetes and heart diseases
  • Improved digestion processes

One Year of Healthy Diet Benefits on Your Body

If you wonder what changes may occur after continuing your healthy and nutritious diet for one year, take a look at the benefits you may receive:

  • Long-term healthy body weight 
  • Self-confidence, youthfulness, and energy
  • High physical endurance    
  • Low chance of falling back to your old habits 

And remember that healthy eating benefits and overall body transformation will persist only as long as you keep up with your wellness goals.

Sometimes you may have moments of doubts, questioning the validity of your new lifestyle. Despite this, you can deal with it quite easily. 

For example, try to meditate, analyze the reasons which have led to the questioning of yourself, and simply put them away. Also, track your progress, whether on a sheet of paper or by taking ‘before and after’ photos to see remarkable changes in your body shape. This physical proof will give you the motivation you need to move forward and ditch recurring negative thoughts.

Feel Happy, Healthy, and Robust in a Way That You Have Never Felt Before

Eating healthily is truly beneficial for your overall well-being. Sometimes, it might be hard to remember why you started or found enough strength to stay on the right course. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget to love yourself, and you should keep in your mind that eating healthily is the best thing you can do for yourself, as it will enhance the quality of your life for the long term. 

Progress doesn't happen overnight but will take place gradually. So have patience and keep going.

A personalized health and wellness book can help you sail through this exciting journey of health and confidence. Just remember, working toward wellness is different for everyone, and all you have to do is never give up. 

Get your personalized book today!

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5 Bulletproof Tips To Stick To Your Health Program Long After It Ends

4 mins read

2021 Apr 15

You've finally taken a step to change your life and get yourself where you want to be.

Sometimes while moving forward to a healthier lifestyle, you might experience struggles in maintaining healthy habits. Yet, with good planning and focus on your wellness goals – you can achieve your dreams of becoming healthy and confident.

To ensure your success here, let's look at what might help you stay on the right track with healthy habits.

1.  Focus on color, flavor, and variety

While eating healthily, try to incorporate all food groups that are important for your diet. For example, there’s a variety of vegetables to choose from, which are loaded with different vitamins, minerals, iron, folate, and many other nutrients. Each has a different taste, color, and texture, making food exploration enjoyable, beneficial, and meaningful. 

In addition to that, vegetables:

  • Are an excellent source of fiber that boosts your gut health.
  • You can eat as much of them as you need to fill up because they are low in calories and fats.
  • Vegetables like kale, spinach, and chard are good potassium sources, which help your kidneys get rid of the calcium, therefore lowering blood pressure.
  • A diet rich in vegetables is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

To get the most out of your vegetables, go for variety – mix and match them with proteins and complex carbohydrates.

Plus, going for variety can truly bring some spice into your healthy lifestyle. Variety is an excellent way to maintain your healthy habits upfront, keeping yourself motivated and interested.

Eating meals packed with nutritious vegetables, looking for variety and joy will ensure your success while reaching optimal well-being. 

2.  Keep your body moving

Studies have shown that staying active is the best predictor of long-term wellness because:

  • It helps sustain a healthy weight.
  • It keeps your bones and muscles strong and flexible, preventing you from getting injuries.
  • It improves brain function because blood is pumped to the brain when you exercise, flooding it with oxygen.
  • It can boost your mood because as you exercise, your brain releases endorphins that boost your happiness and confidence levels.
  • It enhances your immune system by providing your cells with nutrients that fight pathogens.

Of course, you can stay active in various ways, by doing low or high-intensity exercises, by choosing walking instead of driving a car. If you are interested in finding which workout fits you the best, check out the Beyond Body wellness book.

3.  Choose filling but low-calorie foods

You probably know that healthy habits and diet are two connected aspects, important while reaching wellness. 

When it comes to the latter, to ensure your wellness success for the long term, you should choose a nutritious and balanced diet as it will help you stay healthy.

To stay on track with a balanced diet, try to:

  • Choose sugar-free drinks. 
  • Eat more fruits rather than candies and potato chips. 
  • Avoid keeping junk food in the house.
  • Drink plenty of water or other zero-calorie beverages.

Looking for and choosing healthier alternatives to processed foods and tracking how well you keep up with your healthy diet might seem daunting at first. 

But if you have such moments of weakness, try to remind yourself of the reasons which made you start reaching a healthy lifestyle in the first place. 

4.  Planning is key

Another important factor that will allow you to maintain your healthy habits is meal planning. 

Planning helps in being more efficient at deciding the amount of food you will consume and which nutritionally well-balanced products to include in your diet. It will grant you a chance to control your own personal nutrition needs and stay on the good track toward wellness.

Consequently, it will positively affect your weight, cravings, and mental health, enhancing your metabolism processes. Thus, giving you a sense of achievement and motivation to keep up with your healthy habits for a longer time.  

5.  Find new challenges

Finding new challenges for yourself can add more color to your life while maintaining healthy habits. Maybe it could be eating certain kinds of products or going jogging each morning for an entire week. 

Staying creative while checking your limits is quite useful as it will make you feel accountable, happy and keep your focus fixed while reaching wellness. It will lay the grounds for your further success. 

So, don't be afraid of getting creative and a bit crazy. The whole world is your stage – ditch your doubts and fears, start exploring new things you didn't dare of in the past!

Kickstart your wellness journey now!

Boost your health, retake your confidence, feel beautiful and amazing as never before. Get your Beyond Body book today!

And remember, there is no mountain high enough to stop you from achieving your dreams!

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7 Tips To Return To The Center When Life Pulls A Rug From Under Your Feet

5 mins read

2021 Apr 15

Mental health is an essential part of your wellness routine that needs to be taken care of, as it affects mindfulness, energy, sleep, diet, social interaction, and other important aspects of your lifestyle.

Mental well-being is important because:

  • It has a strong influence on your health.
  • It influences your productivity and focus.
  • It affects your relationships with family, friends, and the community at large.
  • It has a direct impact on your emotional stability.

Now that we understand how crucial mental well-being is to our overall health, let’s dive into the ways in which you can begin to feel good in your own skin.

1. You come first

We are often our worst critics. Of course, staying critical of the things surrounding you is a good way to go. Yet, sometimes, there are moments when criticism and bad thoughts can negatively impact you and cause underlying issues.  

When you find yourself going down the self-blame road, pay attention to your thoughts and examine the reasons that led you to this. As you do so, try to replace exaggeratedly negative thoughts with realistic statements. Try to ask yourself what advice you'd give to a friend struggling as you do. 

Self-criticism leads to many negative consequences. Your goal is to mitigate its effects and learn how to solve such moments of doubt. 

Thus, take some time to balance self-improvement with self-acceptance, as that will help you to manage negativity and boost your mental health.

2.  Get rid of that toxic energy

Sometimes it might be challenging to deal with negative energy in your life. It can be the case since toxic energy could come from different sources such as people, the environment, or even your own mind. Yet, it doesn't mean that it's impossible to ditch that negativity and boost your well-being. So, when it comes to managing negative energy around you, try to:

  • Put a mental defensive wall from negative people.
  • Avoid clutter in your surroundings because untidiness creates anxiety, making your wellness pursuit challenging.
  • Surround yourself with material that inspires you, like plants, books, music, or various wellness-related posters.
  • Stay active and eat well. 

Negative energy in your life can create chronic stress, upsets the body's hormone balance, and hinders your wellness journey. 

That's why you shouldn't be afraid to face negativity bravely and cut yourself away from the sources from which it stems. Remember, the quicker you set yourself free from negative impact, the better you can achieve a healthy lifestyle, confidence, and self-appreciation. 

3. Sleep is king

Alongside eating healthily or staying active, good quality sleep is essential. Sleep assists in keeping your mind and body healthy because it can:

  • Maximize problem-solving skills, ensure a good mood, and enhance your memory.
  • Affect emotions and social interactions.
  • Reduce the dangers of getting mental health issues.
  • Improve your immune function.
  • Help avoid inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Affect glucose metabolism and help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

In order to get all these benefits, commit 7–8 hours each day for sleeping and try to follow a precise sleeping schedule as well. Take time to create a good sleep environment around you: make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet; also, consider keeping electronic devices out of the bedroom.

Plus, try to change some of your daily habits to boost your sleeping routine for the better. Things like staying active, cutting products with caffeine, alcohol, quitting smoking, and avoiding big meals close to bedtime will boost sleep quality and achieve desired wellness results. 

The bottom line of sleeping is this – good sleep is one of the pillars of health. Optimal health can be achieved by taking care of yourself as it will ensure your success while reaching wellness, and it will definitely improve your mental health.

4.  Healthy food will do wonders for your mood

Probably you know that a healthy diet is key to achieve wellness. But apart from reaching a healthy weight and other benefits, the foods you eat can affect your mood, and if chosen wisely, they can do wonders for you. 

Some of the products which you should include in your meals to feel the fantastic boost of energy are:

  • Fatty fish
  • Dark chocolate
  • Fermented foods
  • Bananas
  • Oats
  • Berries 
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Coffee

It’s sometimes tempting to indulge yourself in sweet, sugary things when you’re feeling low. But foods like these that have high carbohydrate levels can cause you to feel unpleasant laziness. So, avoid such products to avoid feeling low.

That said, focus on healthy eating as it can help keep your blood sugar stable and maintain your mood throughout the day.

5.  Calm down after stressful situations

Stress or anxiety is a normal part of life. However, it doesn't mean that it should happen constantly. Having a couple of strategies you're familiar with can help you cope and control the situation. 

Here are some helpful tips you can try to calm down when things don't go the way you intended:

  • Take slow, deep breaths. Or try other breathing exercises for relaxation. 
  • Write.
  • Read a book. 
  • Take a short walk.
  • Chew a gum.
  • Soak in a warm bath.
  • Listen to soothing music.
  • Use guided imagery.
  • Practice mindful meditation.

Once you've been able to calm down, you should find yourself better positioned to approach stressful situations you're experiencing. 

It's also a good idea to take care of yourself by reducing interaction with things that usually generate anxiety. That being said, take care of yourself and remember that you’re always the number one priority on your to-do list. 

 6.  Social interactions

Humans are social creatures. What varies is the number of face-to-face interactions that everyone needs.

The bottom line of communication is that it can help ensure that you have support when you’re in moments of struggle. Having meaningful relationships can provide you happiness and a sense of self-fulfillment. 

Also, socializing is a powerful tool that helps you feel purposeful, especially when others can count on you. When you know your value in others' lives, it can make you feel better and important. 

That's why you shouldn't ditch social interactions, as it can give you a significant boost for your overall mental health and confidence. 

7.  Ask for help

Asking for help enables us to surround ourselves with people who can make us feel good and support us. These people create happiness and hope that we can deal with challenging situations and stay resilient.

As an essential aspect of mental health, emotional support plays a crucial role in overcoming serious life problems. Having someone you trust can give you support to help relieve stress, deal with issues, or provide aid when you're reaching wellness. 

More Tips on Boosting Your Mental Health  

Mental health is key if you're looking for ways to boost your health and confidence. In order to achieve your wellness dreams through-and-through, grab your Beyond Body book and get even more tips and tricks on how to achieve a healthy body. 

Beyond Body is truly more than just a diet or exercise plan. It's a good spot to begin your journey toward confidence, self-love, and overall well-being. 

So ditch all excuses, roll up your sleeves, and get it here to kickstart your wellness journey with us!

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"I managed to lose 13kg!" 5 Women Share Their Results With A Personalized Health Book

4 mins read

2021 Apr 14

Beyond Body has helped over 200,000 happy men and women from 170 countries reach their wellness goals! In their own words, read 5 real and inspiring stories from amazing ladies Alicia, Mikayla, Eva, Nathalie, and Fabienne about how Beyond Body has helped them change their life.

Join the Beyond Body success club by sharing your inspiring results at [email protected] to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

1. Alicia treated Beyond Body as her form of self-care. Along the way, she made healthy changes that led to her losing 35 pounds (15kg)!

"I was becoming very self-conscious of how my body looked, and I felt as if I'd lost control of it. But when I found the Beyond Body book, everything changed in a positive way. This program helped me a lot! I've gained more confidence in myself which eventually helped me with the struggle I've been having mentally. I got so many amazing comments within a month of trying Beyond Body about my extreme weight loss and change of behavior!"

2. Mikayla's journey started by being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease with multiple allergies. She was in immediate need of a healthy and personalized diet to battle painful symptoms and develop a new healthy relationship with food. After finding the Beyond Body book online, the plan helped her lose 40 pounds (18kg) and restore her health.

"As a result of following recipes and learning what I could out of this book, I have lost weight, and I have started to do more exercise and just overall feeling healthier. I've come down from 220lbs to 180lbs."

Mikayla also shares: "I'm not sure how I could motivate others to start this journey, but I can definitely say it's worth it. Especially if you are experiencing stomach issues like I am. Setting up your custom plan helps you consider stomach issues like celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome and find a way to work with them. It does work, though it won't happen overnight. The best thing is that I started to feel better and see results very quickly. It got me motivated to push further!"

Inspire others to feel confident in their bodies by sharing your journey story to [email protected].

3. Eva shares her journey of how she managed to lose 28lbs (13kg) while juggling food preparations for herself and her family. Note: Eva submitted her story in Spanish; her quotes below are English translations. 

"At first, it was a bit difficult for me to follow everything because I had to juggle between meals for my family and me. It took me roughly 15 days to find a balance, and it's been great! I was so puffy before, so I immediately noticed the plan's effectiveness. Before, it was tough for me to lose weight, but I started to lose 1kg every week with the Beyond Body plan!"

At the moment, Eva says that she's lost over 28lbs (13kg) and feels lifted and motivated. 

"Combined with exercise, I managed to lose 13kg! I feel great and have no more desire to eat the food I prepare for my family. I plan to lose an extra 10kg but do it in an easy-going way. Don't overthink it – I encourage you to try!"

4. Nathalie shares her incredible results on losing 28lbs (12kg)! She's down a whole arm's width in her pants size and is continuing to push on. 

"I've spent countless nights blaming myself for eating that extra piece of cake or getting take-away "for a friend." After finding this personalized book and adjusting it to my life, I stopped my cravings, brought back my self-esteem, and continuously lost pounds week after week. I couldn't have done it without it, and I'll be forever grateful for writing this book just for me."

These stories are what inspire us to keep on working and creating more and more. Sharing is indeed caring! Inspire others to feel confident in their bodies by sharing your life journey with friends, neighbors, and strangers who need that extra push!

5. Fabienne shares her before and after photos, and she looks terrific! At the start of her plan, Fabienne weighed 104.7kg (230lbs) and is 88.5kg (195lbs) today! 

“I’m excited that I managed to lose approximately 18kg, and I'm much more comfortable with my body. I first struggled to find the motivation to actually work out and eat clean, but with my friends' support, I struggled less by putting myself into action.”

Fabienne says it was effortless to follow and easy to lose weight. She's already lost 18kg (40lbs) and isn't going to stop! 

Results speak for themselves. Fabienne, Eva, Nathalie, Mikayla, and Alicia are just a few of the Beyond Body success stories that dedicated themselves to losing weight the right way. 

Have a story to share?

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3 Tips To Transform Your Health Journey Setbacks Into Fuel For Success

3 mins read

2021 Apr 14

In every journey, there comes a moment where you start questioning yourself for specific decisions and might even decide to stop. A healthy diet is no exception: whether you want to change your nutrition goals, regulate weight, start exercising – it all comes down to that inner motivation to keep you going.

If you find yourself cheating on your diet, it’s okay – you can recover. Here are three different ways to approach the next day after you crashed your healthy lifestyle routine. This advice is from the team of nutritionists behind our book, Beyond Body.

#1. “I Cheated for a Day” 

It’s ok if you cheated on your diet only for a day. Keep your chin up. The most important thing to remember is to get right back on your diet plan. Don’t wait a day, instead recover quickly. 

Remind yourself that slip-ups happen to everyone. This small lapse in judgment won’t make a big difference in the scope of your health as you learn from this experience. Setbacks are also a great way to develop healthy coping skills and renew your motivation for achieving a healthy weight.

#2. “I Cheated for 2–3 Days”

If you have been off your diet for a couple of days, it is important to assess how you are feeling. How have unhealthy foods made you feel? Has your progress taken a hit?

If you still have a positive attitude toward continuing your diet, relax.  Reflect on the point where you lost control. For example, if you strayed from your diet on Day 18 and skipped the next two days, return to Day 18 and start fresh. 

If your positivity is running low, do the same thing. Trust yourself, you will recover, and your positive attitude will return. And if you still feel unmotivated and reluctant to restart after cheating for a couple of days, it may be time to reevaluate your motivation and goals. 

#3. “I Cheated for More Than 3 Days” 

Maybe you don’t feel like you can fully commit right now? Put your healthy diet book away. It’s only going to lead to frustration and disappointment if you keep starting and stopping your plan.

Put your healthy weight goals on pause until you feel you are ready. This is a great time to revisit your Beyond Body plan when you are dedicated to making a change.  

Planning for the Future 

Looking into the future, try to understand why you went off your healthy journey and how to prevent it from happening again in the future. Understanding the reasons behind your failure will help you in the future.

If a special occasion like a holiday or birthday took you off track, use your Beyond Body book to review tips on eating out with friends and how to navigate restaurants according to your meal plan. Not every special occasion needs to pull you away from your meal plan. Set a time at the beginning of the week to plan and prepare your meals to ensure your busy schedule doesn't get in the way of your goals. 

By now, you should know exactly how to get back on track and how to avoid diet slip-ups in the future. Stay positive, and hopefully, you will not need to come back to this page again!

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Three Weeks Of Healthy Eating: The Amazing Effects On Your Body & Mind

4 mins read

2021 Apr 14

Eating healthy is a sure way of staying healthy and free from diseases and illnesses. What happens to your body when you nourish it with good, healthy food for 3 weeks, and how will healthy food have a long-lasting impact on your body? 

Let's see the benefits you will get while having your favorite healthy food.

What Does a Healthy Diet Entail?

It would be best to understand what it means to eat healthy before going on an eating spree. A healthy diet contains all the classes of food required by man in the right proportions, and it is a balanced diet. 

When you include the following foods in your diet for the next three weeks, you will surely see positive results.

Proteins – Repair of worn-out tissues and building the body's structural framework is assured when you eat foods rich in protein like fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, legumes, and soy. You're building your immune system to resist certain diseases. 

Vitamins – Eating fruits like avocados, pears, apples, and other vitamin-rich foods like leafy greens such as spinach, cauliflower, broccoli over the next 3 weeks will benefit you a lot. Vitamin A helps improve eyesight, while vitamin C is necessary to repair your body tissues. A healthy balanced diet will provide all the essential vitamins your body needs to work properly.

Minerals – You surely want to have a solid and healthy skeletal system. Calcium strengthens your bones and keeps them healthy. It also helps in blood clotting and making calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, broccoli, okra, and spinach in your diet will give you more strength. Your body needs certain minerals to build strong bones and teeth and turn the food you eat into energy.

Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are energy-giving foods. We all need that energy and strength for our daily work. And if you aren't getting enough of it, you should consider eating complex carbohydrates-rich foods like brown rice, bread, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats. 

Fats, oils, and water should also be a part of your balanced diet to get the maximum result you desire. Combining all these in the right proportion will give you desirable outcomes for your skin, body, and overall health.

What You Get When You Eat Healthily for 3 Weeks

A personalized wellness book leads you to a healthy diet for a healthy life. When you eat foods containing all of the above in the right proportions, this is what you get by being on a healthy diet for 3 weeks:

#1. Glowing Skin

Healthy nutrition contributes a lot to your skin, as it provides all the necessary nutrients needed for your dermal cells and tissues to grow. This is why you should eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. And drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

Even quality skincare products include these aforementioned foods into their products in processed form. A good example is cod liver oil, a good source of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. It helps reduce inflammation and soften rough/dry skin. 

Overall, the natural ingredients in food help speed up the pace of exfoliating dead cells.

#2. Improved Memory and Brain Health

A healthy diet helps to improve your mental health and state of mind. Eating foods high in vitamins and minerals, such as spinach, fruits, leafy greens, and calcium-rich foods, boosts your brain function.

#3. Strong Bones and Teeth

Having a strong skeletal system and good dentition largely depends on your nutrition and diet, which could contain foods high in minerals, especially calcium, because of its bone-building functions in the body. When you eat foods like fortified cereals (bran, cornflakes), soybeans, broccoli, milk, etc., you will have strong teeth and bones. Thereby these foods prevent tooth decay and osteoporosis in the future.

#4. Natural Detoxification of the Body

A sure way of getting your body rid of toxins is to have a healthy diet. Eating foods high in amino acids, micronutrients, and fiber helps in the body's natural detoxification process. It would be best to have these foods in your diet to have the desired results in 3 weeks of healthy eating.

#5. Faster Metabolism

A personalized wellness book prefers healthy meals because it helps speed up the rate of metabolic activities in your body. This means your body tends to burn more calories faster and helps maintain a healthy weight. This reduces your risk of having diseases arising from being overweight such as stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis.

How Healthy Food Will Set a Healthy Track of Life

A balanced diet is necessary to have a perfect and healthy body. 

Getting a personalized health and wellness book may be the right approach for you instead. Beyond Body provides exactly what you need: a meal plan specially prepared for you.

Beyond Body is created by nutritionists and professional trainers who consider your eating preference and daily activities to prepare a healthier routine for you.

Order the first personalized wellness book and achieve your personal goals!

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These 7 Blockbusters Might Inspire You To Revaluate Your Health (And Your Life)

3 mins read

2021 Apr 13

If you’re looking for some inspiration to keep up with your wellness goals, these inspiring films will help you get started.

Here are 7 movies to help motivate you to start a healthier lifestyle:

#1. “What the Health”

“What the Health” takes a look at the leading health organizations in America and their struggle in finding answers when it comes to treating chronic diseases. This film tackles controversial subjects where the facts need to be considered if not studied thoroughly. 

On top of that, this movie has some excellent points for leading a more plant-based lifestyle to some degree. Again, we all know eating more veggies is a good idea, and this film might encourage you to do just that. 

#2. “Bend It Like Beckham”

“Bend It Like Beckham” continues to inspire females in sports for years down the line. It follows the daughter of Punjabi Sikhs in London. She is obsessed with football but gets banned from playing it solely based on her gender. Despite the obstacles, she joins the team anyway and turns out to be a great player, promoting gender equality in sports.

It’s a great movie to watch if you’re feeling a bit uninspired to exercise or push through your own barriers towards success. 

#3. “The Game Changers” 

“When I transitioned over to an entirely plant-based diet, I became like a machine.” – Dotsie Bausch.

“The Game Changers” documentary is all about eating a plant-based diet, with an emphasis on building strength using plant-based protein. 

If you’re considering changing your diet and maintaining muscle mass, this could be a good movie option for you to explore the intricacies of a plant-based diet.

#4. “Happy”

“Happy” is an uplifting documentary. It takes a look at happiness and how it’s seen across the world by different cultures, geographical areas, and people in general. This documentary examines preconditions and the forms of happiness. 

If you are looking for ways to make yourself feel good, this should be your number one pick. 

#5. “Bikes vs. Cars”

Do you want to use your bike instead of a car for transport? This movie will help encourage you to give it a go. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the environment will benefit from you cycling as well because transport accounts for a fifth of the entire world's carbon dioxide emissions.

Your body will also thank you for staying active since that will help you to enhance your strength in your legs, reach wellness faster, and burn up to 370 calories an hour. 

#6. “Center Stage” 

“Center Stage” is an old movie that you might overlook while reaching inspiration to continue your wellness journey. This film exhibit struggles one has to face while trying to get at the top in a competitive sports industry. 

The “Center Stage”  uses the ballet industry to discuss the importance of willpower. It also covers the benefits that ballet can provide, such as better posture, flexibility, muscle agility, and strength.  

So, if you’re looking for more information about the importance of willpower and motivation - this movie is the right choice.

#7. “Rocky”

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.” – Rocky Balboa.

First of all, “Rocky” franchise can give you pretty awesome soundtracks for your workout sessions, and it's truly a must-see movie for anyone who seeks to get fit and healthy. “Rocky” franchise is well known also for being inspirational for those seeking means to get inspired and stay on the right course.

After watching it, you’ll be ordering beef faster than you can say “Eye of the Tiger.” 

Hopefully, our 7 inspiring movies about health have given you some means that will help you start your wellness journey.

We are very excited to help you reach your well-being goals, so let’s start this trip towards a healthy lifestyle together.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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Two Weeks Of Healthy Eating: The Amazing Effects On Your Body & Mind

4 mins read

2021 Apr 13

We are all aware that a strong and healthy body transforms into a happier and more fulfilling life. And while switching to a healthier diet is not easy, with consistency and patience, the benefits are truly worthy and rewarding.

Now you must be wondering what could be the so-called benefits of healthy eating for 2 weeks or for how long does it take to see the benefits?

So, before we answer these questions, we would like to briefly shed some light on the results of healthy eating on your body.

What Are the Results of Healthy Eating?

There’s a huge difference between healthy eating and dieting. Do you know that constant hunger is a quite common side-effect of dieting

An inefficient diet is one of the reasons for constant hunger, and when you eat food with empty carbs, then it burns up quickly, causing your body to crave food faster. This is the reason it makes you hungry quickly, even if you’ve just finished eating. 

Due to this, you may start experiencing food cravings throughout the day. But as you increase the consumption of foods like whole grains, healthy fats, lean protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables, it will begin nourishing your body better.

As not all calories are created equally, nutritious foods will contain less “empty” calories compared to the processed food.

You will be able to find a lot of healthy eating ideas from the personalized health and wellness book Beyond Body. 

When you follow health and wellness routine for the initial 2 weeks, you will experience the following improvements:

#1. Impact on Blood Sugar and Insulin

Insulin is an important hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Blood sugar is controlled by assisting the cells that help absorb the sugar from the bloodstream.

With healthy eating, you will begin to notice that the blood sugar levels will start to stabilize. A healthy and balanced diet that includes foods rich in soluble fiber, legumes, oatmeal, flaxseeds, fresh vegetables, and fruits has many health benefits and has been linked to increased sensitivity to insulin.

Working toward maintaining a healthy weight through a healthy diet is an effective way to improve insulin resistance, prevent pre-diabetes from converting to type 1 or type 2 diabetes. 

#2. Improved Digestion

You might not think much about your digestive system daily. Yet you are fully aware when your digestive system is not working optimally through certain symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

By improving your eating habits with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that are rich sources of fiber, you will begin to notice that your digestive tract is moving smoothly and is at its best.

It will lead to an overall improvement in reflux and other digestive symptoms. You may not be able to see the difference immediately but believe us, even one day of healthy eating will make a big difference. 

#3. Higher Energy Levels

Within a week of healthy eating, you will notice that your energy levels have gone up, and the levels would be higher than week 1. You will be able to get better sleep, and your productivity will automatically go up. 

#4. Detoxification of the Body

Detox is a popular fad these days which simply implies following a healthy diet to get rid of toxins within the body which helps make improvements in health.

Our body is well equipped to eliminate toxins and does not require expensive supplements to do so. That said, you can enhance your body’s natural detoxification with a healthy diet.

As you reach week 2, you will notice you will begin to feel better, lighter, and high on productivity. Beyond Body book will take you through an interesting journey which you would surely enjoy.

#5. Fat Loss

One of the important tips to follow during these 2 weeks is to follow a low-carb diet. By the end of the second week, water weight loss will start to level off, and the fat loss will begin to become more prominent.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity has almost tripled since 1975 and has been a major contributor to numerous health diseases. A healthy and balanced diet can help you achieve and maintain healthy weight goals quickly. You don't have to avoid them entirely and can limit the intake of certain junk foods. 

The Benefits You Will Get From Healthy Eating

The goal should be to eat healthily and follow a certain healthy meal plan that includes all the essential nutrients. The key to successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle is remembering that your body should go slower than a drastic change.

If you continue to follow healthy eating habits, then remember to focus on a healthier lifestyle, not just changing your weight. Even if you don't notice a prominent difference in the beginning, continue with your healthy eating habits.

A personalized health and wellness book could help you sail through this exciting journey of healthy healing. Just remember, working toward a healthy weight is different for everyone, and all you have to do is never give up. Progress happens eventually over time, and it doesn't happen overnight. So have patience and keep going.

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How To Crush Your Health Goals Faster By Getting Your Family On Board

2 mins read

2021 Apr 13

Starting your wellness journey can be difficult when it feels like your friends and family don’t support you. A support group is critical to achieving your health goals. So how do you get them on board with your healthy weight journey?

The nutritionists behind Beyond Body: The Personalized Wellness Book shared some empowering advice to help involve your family. Here are some of their favorite tips they share with their own family and friends.

#1. Explain Why Your Health Is Important to You

The key to succeeding with any health goal is identifying the reason for the goal. You need to fully understand why you have decided to start your journey and why you intend to stick with it. This foundation will keep your health goals on track.

Here’s why it’s important to explain your goal to your family. Your family will support you as they see your commitment to the plan. If they see you are focused on your path, they will be less likely to undermine your journey with temptations. 

#2. Make a List of Rules

Think back to the last time you went on a diet. Do you remember what your biggest triggers were? Was it a friend offering ice cream or a partner ordering a plate of BBQ ribs and french fries at dinner?

Always try to stay one step ahead of these cravings and temptations. By simply telling your partner you are on a 28-day regimen, and you’d appreciate their support, they will be more conscious of your health choices. 

Make rules for yourself to keep temptation away from you. For example, don’t leave a bag of chips open or eat “healthy” desserts every Monday. Regardless of what rules you set, remember this is your wellness journey and not theirs.

#3. Don’t Turn Into the “Health Police”

No one wants to be around the “health police.” Try and refrain from lecturing your partner on how bad soda is for them, eating sugary cereals, or discussing how many calories your friend’s double-bacon cheeseburger has. You aren’t encouraging them to be healthy with this approach. Instead, you are encouraging them to do the exact opposite and lose their emotional support you need for your journey.

Be positive and share everything you’ve learned with your loved ones. They will want to listen to that message more.

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One Week Of Healthy Eating: The Amazing Effects On Your Body & Mind

5 mins read

2021 Apr 13

How many times have you made the decision to switch to a healthy diet? We bet they are countless times!

Most often, you found yourself back to your old eating habits, unable to fight your powerful food cravings after a few days. Then you feel bad about yourself for not trying hard enough. 

But this time, something different happened.

You went past the one-week mark consistently eating healthy foods as you had planned on your personalized wellness book. You are beginning to notice a few changes happening in your body. 

If you are in this situation, then here are some of the new things you may notice about yourself:

#1. High Energy Levels 

After one week of eating healthy, you will feel more energized and alert throughout the day. This is because the foods you eat contain nutrients that boost your energy levels. The type and quantity of food you eat play an essential role in determining your energy levels during the day.

Nutritious foods such as eggs and sweet potatoes are a nutritious source of energy that should be part of your diet. 

Sweet potatoes have high fiber and complex carb content that your body digests slowly. In turn, your brain gets a steady supply of energy throughout the day. 

Eggs will not only satisfy you but also provide a sustained source of energy because the body breaks down proteins at a slow pace. Eggs are also rich in vitamin B, which stimulates enzymes to digest food for energy in the stomach.  

You can find more healthy foods that will increase your energy levels in the personalized health and wellness book Beyond Body. We have included a variety of foods in our book that will nourish your body with essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. All of these biologically active compounds are involved in the production of energy within your cells. If you want to increase your energy levels and improve your overall health and wellbeing incorporating these foods into your diet is a great place to start.

You will no longer feel tired and rundown at some point in the day once you start eating a healthy diet. Instead, your productivity levels will shoot high because of your boosted energy. 

#2. Better Sleep 

Whether it’s a jolt after a cup of coffee or drowsiness after Thanksgiving dinner, you have personally experienced how food and drinks affect your energy and alertness. 

Eating foods that get digested quickly may cause you to wake up hungry in the middle of the night and disrupt your sleep cycle

If you are suffering from insomnia symptoms, then eating a healthy diet may help you get better sleep.

Nutritionists recommend eating a balanced and consistent diet that is made up of whole grains, legumes, lean proteins, fresh fruits, and vegetables. When a diet provides stable sources of minerals and vitamins, you are likely to get a replenishing rest. 

#3. Less Bloating 

Within one week of eating a healthy diet, the amount of bloating will reduce, and you will become more comfortable throughout the day. 

Excess gas production is often caused by foods that cause bloating as well as an unbalanced diet and some foods that you may be intolerant to. Eating foods that are rich in fats can make you feel uncomfortably stuffed. Fat takes longer to digest than protein or carbohydrates, so it keeps the stomach full for longer. Avoid bloating by limiting foods in your diet that are high in fat. If you avoid these foods or reduce their intake, then your level of bloating will decrease drastically.

Do you know these specific foods that cause your bloating? 

Your bloating may also reduce because you aren’t eating too much at the same time. One of the common causes of bloating is eating big meals. If you shift to eating small portions over a long duration, your stomach discomfort level will also decrease. 

Your body will also release excess water it retained from high sodium intake and high processed food you consumed before switching to a healthy diet.  

#4. Positive and Stable Mood 

When you are feeling down, it can be tempting to turn to foods to lift your spirits. However, the sugary and high-fat content that most people resort to having negative impacts. 

While mood can be influenced by many factors such as stress, environment, and nutritional deficiencies, certain foods have been shown to improve overall brain health. 

After one week of eating healthy foods such as fatty fish and bananas, you are likely to experience a positive mood. 

According to a recent study, fatty fish like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that may lower the risk of depression.

Bananas also contain high amounts of vitamin B6, which helps synthesize feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Nuts also contain minerals such as zinc and selenium that improve your brain function. 

You will notice a reduction in mood swings and even feel motivated towards life after eating these foods throughout the week. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, then this is great news. 

#5. Reduced Food Cravings

You will notice your food cravings are lessening. If in the past, you craved fries, pizza, burgers, and ice cream, now you will be looking forward to eating healthy meals. 

Cravings are one of the biggest reasons why people have problems achieving a healthy weight. The type of food cravings people have vary, but most of the time, they are junk foods that are high in sugar and fat. 

Proteins help you to control and eliminate cravings because they reduce your appetite and keep you from overeating. Even better, proteins keep you full for a long time because they get digested slowly. 

Drinking lots of water can also help you reduce food cravings within one week. Most often, thirst is confused with hunger and food cravings. If you feel like you have a certain urge to eat a specific food, then drink water instead. 

#6. Reduced Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes may be caused by many things such as lack of sleep, too much alcohol, and even weight gain. Puffy eyes make you look tired and take away the freshness from your face. 

After one week of eating a healthy diet, you may notice a reduction in the size of the fatty pockets under your eyes. 

Drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated is one of the easiest ways to get rid of puffy eyes.

What are you waiting for? Begin today!

If you have been waiting for the right time to start eating a healthy diet, then you can begin today! 

Switching to healthy foods will bring you many benefits such as better sleep, a positive mood, improved blood pressure, and feeling proud of your body. 

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Good Health Is A Journey. Tracking These 3 Things Helps You Stay On Track

3 mins read

2021 Apr 13

Did you recently start a new healthy diet?

If so, congratulations! You’ve just made a decision that could impact your quality of life, both in the short and long term. If you’ve been doing your diet for at least a month, this may be the time when you’re starting to wonder:

How am I doing with my healthy diet goals?

There is more than one way to assess whether you’re on track to achieve the goals you set to live a healthier life. 

Here are some of the methods you can use to track your healthy dieting progress.

#1. Measure Your Body Parts

Body measurements are not only good for determining your clothing sizes. They’re also helpful for assessing your health.  

To get your body measurements, you need to have a measuring tape. If you’re interested in using this method to track your healthy diet progress, there are two things that you need to know.

Determine which body parts you are going to measure

When collecting body measurements, you will measure the circumferences of your body parts. According to Verywell Fit, these are the following body parts that you need to measure to assess your healthy diet:

  • Waist: The narrowest part of your waist.
  • Thighs: The widest part of your thigh.
  • Abs: The widest part of your torso.
  • Arms: The widest part of your upper arms.
  • Hips: The widest part of your hips.
  • Calves: The upper part of your shin, below the knee.
  • Chest: The widest part of your busts.

Track your body measurements periodically

Be sure to write down your body measurements. You need this information to evaluate the effectiveness of your diet.

Remember, it’s essential to be consistent when measuring your body parts. For example, if you’re planning to start your healthy diet for more than 6 months, then you may need to measure yourself on a weekly basis, roughly at the same time and conditions. 

So, if you took your first measurements in the morning before you eat anything, be sure to follow the same routine when you take your next measurement!

#2. Keep a Food Diary

A food diary is a daily record of your food intake. At a minimum, it contains the data for the calorie content of each food you consume. However, depending on your healthy diet goals, you can also include macronutrient information, such as carbohydrates or fat.

There are tons of methods to keep a food diary. One study in 2017 found that participants who consistently record their food intake information for at least 5 or more days are more likely to achieve healthy weight than those who don’t. So there’s definitely merit to keeping a food diary. 

#3. Take Transformation Photos

Taking transformation photos is probably the most exciting method of all the ones we’ve listed since you actually get to see the changes your body experiences in real-time. 

Taking transformation photos or before-and-after photos can help you see how your body has changed over time as you continue with your healthy diet. Just like it is when taking your body measurements, be sure to stay consistent when taking your progress photos. 

If you really want to take it to the next level, you can also post your progress on social media. 

Also, we would like to mention that Beyond Body loves seeing customers’ inspiring results! Send us what you have achieved with Beyond Body and participate in the contest – 5 winners will win a $50 Amazon gift card every month.

Share your success story at [email protected] and tell us:

  • More about your journey (goals, beginning, struggles, results).
  • How did you find out about Beyond Body, and what made you decide to join our community?
  • When did you start seeing a difference?
  • How did your habits change?
  • How would you motivate others to start this journey?
  • And send us your before-and-after photos or videos. 

Spread your success and inspire others!

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Why 200K+ Women Choose This New Personalized Health Book Over Traditional Diets?

3 mins read

2021 Apr 13

It's time to shake the cobwebs off and do a little bodily spring cleaning. Let's face it, it will feel good to be fighting fit and in shape again. 

But how should we do that? Jumping right back into your old routine sounds exhausting, plus things aren't even completely normal yet (whatever "normal" is). This abnormal break was ridiculous, but it's a beautiful opportunity to try something new and make a fresh start.

A personalized program set to your needs, tastes, and preferences is the new change you need to get off the couch and back in the game – better than you were before the quarantine.

Why Do You Need a Special Book? 

What you need now is a personalized wellness book that takes you and your healthy weight goals into consideration. A book that cuts all the fluff and filler and gets right to the point. A book and a program designed for you that will work for you.

Sure, you are human and technically biologically the same as everyone else. Why shouldn't a plan designed for another person work for you? 

It's simple... Because there are so many factors that come into play regarding YOUR wellness and healthy weight.

Your lifestyle, habits, schedule, profession, where you live, what you like to eat, how many kids you have, if you're a drinker, smoker, any other health issues? You may have allergies or strict moral or religious dietary preferences. You might just not like quinoa!

Healthy eating success is more likely when ALL of your factors are taken into account.

What Book Are We Talking About Here? 

We're talking about a book for you, about you. But more specifically, we're talking about a personalized program based on your preferences, and that considers everything that makes you – you. 

Everything from your past injuries to your food preferences, health conditions, your body goals, etc. 

Oh, and it's called Beyond Body!

What's Inside? And What's the Big Deal?

Beyond Body is centered on forming healthy personal habits and is jam-packed with pertinent educational content. 

It's filled with hand-picked, curated advice dealing with your health conditions and intolerances, a guide to navigating your hectic lifestyle, tips for creating a doable, sustainable healthy-living balance, and tons of mindfulness techniques.

Your personalized Beyond Body book will include a 28-day meal plan tailored to your food preferences, allergies, and health conditions. 

Your custom book will also include a 28-day workout plan built to your bodily specifications, physical limits, and past lingering injuries.

Beyond Body wraps all of its individualized info into an easy-to-follow, good-looking package. Each section builds on itself, creating an all-encompassing program geared for long-term success instead of easily lost short-term results.

How to Grab Your Very Own Paperback?

It's super easy! All you have to do is complete a 3-minute quiz.

That's it. At the end of your quiz, you will be asked if you'd like to order a fully personalized wellness book based on the answers you gave. 

You should then click "yes" and continue with the whole checkout process. Then you sit back and wait until your personal book is lovingly assembled and bound and mailed to your doorstep.  Besides that, if you want to get a special 30% discount, click the link here.

Now you have a personalized book that 100% matches your lifestyle, goals, needs, wants, tastes, and preferences.

You're Beyond Ordinary! Your Healthy Weight Plan Should Be Too

YOU are unique, and any plan created for the masses won't necessarily work for you. 

The perfect dress is tailored to your measurements; the perfect house is renovated room-by-room; the perfect partner sees your quirks and uniqueness as strengths… The perfect wellness program is no different.

Heck, you and your body deserve way more than one-size-fits-all. Go above and beyond with a personalized health and wellness book from Beyond Body.

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